The Skills and Attitude Clients Look For in A Good Castle Hill Hairdresser

Being a sought-after hairdresser is about a lot more than offering just a snip, chop, colour and set!

The suburb of Castle Hill in Sydney, New South Wales is a close-knit community with a wonderful mix of young and old clientele. And, it’s without a doubt, one of the most exciting places to be a hairdresser. You have to be creative and find a balance between trendy and classic styles. Occasionally, someone will walk in asking for a style totally out of the box – and you need to have the skills to pull it off!

Clients come into the Belcastro Hair salon and sit in our chairs expecting our team to deliver. We must live up to their expectations or exceed it. Thankfully our stellar team of stylists possess the following qualities:

  1. They Know And Understand Our Clients

Most often, clients walk in with a vision, sometimes even a picture of what they want. It could be their favourite celebrity’s latest hairstyle, but is it for them? As professional hairdressers, we understand that we need to look at face structure, body type, complexion and hair colour to determine if this style is going to work for them. We know how to communicate this to clients so that they’re happy to amend their vision and willing to customise the hairstyle to suit them, keeping some of its key elements. We make it a win-win situation.

  1. We’re Always Building On Our Technical Skills

Even though our team is expertly-trained, there are always newer techniques and styles of colouring and cutting being developed. We stay abreast of international industry developments by pursuing further training wherever possible.

  1. We Just Love People!

When someone walks into our salon, we’ll make sure that we make the effort to chat to them and help them feel at ease. We’ll talk to them about what we’re doing with their hair step-by-step – which is much needed for younger clients who can be very scared of scissors and hairdryers. Young or old, we realise that when clients feel comfortable with us and love our work, they’ll come back.

If your current hairdresser in Castle Hill isn’t delivering on the above, you deserve better. Book your appointment with Belcastro Hair today.