A hairstyle can boost a woman’s confidence, allowing them to be their bold and energetic self. It is not only women who benefit from a fresh look every now and then, young girls also receive a bump up in their self-esteem. It can be a simple fringe cut or a bob, but if they feel good about themselves then the hairstyle has served its purpose. A quick visit to Belcastro Hair, a trusted and top hair salon in Sydney will ensure that they get the hairstyle they want. To determine what kind of hairstyle will suit a young girl, then pay attention to these points:


For young girls, the hairstyle they want will depend on their age. A girl must select a hairstyle that will complement their age and not make them look older than they really are. A pre-teen, under the age of 13 will be suited by styles such as a double-dutch braids, rose braid buns and the half cut and half mohawk style. For older girls, a style that sheds your young girl looks without getting rid of the innocence works.

Shape and size of face

Pulling your hair back in a ponytail will allow one to determine the shape of their face. A square face has the jawline and forehead while the jaw and square chin are prominent. A diamond face has a narrow forehead and jawline while the cheekbones are the widest point. An oval face has a forehead that is wider than the chin while the its length is almost double the width. A heart shape has forehead and cheekbones that are wide, and jawline and chin is narrow. These are some of the shapes of faces that you can get.

Texture and hair type

The texture, density and type of hair you have will also impact in the hairstyle that will be suitable for a young girl. For example, there are some type of hair that is difficult to straighten and might damage the hair instead. Curly hair is also difficult to style into other types of hairstyles and letting the curls free is better.

For a hairstyle that will not disappoint, visit Belcastro Hair for more details.