Do You Fancy A Different Hair Colour? Read This First

Colour is essential for self-expression and changing your hair colour is one of the best ways to create a personalised style statement. It’s why you need to choose a colour that you’ll be comfortable with and can wear proudly for a while. Just as you apply make-up daily to suit your face shape and enhance your features, a hair colour should do the same for your appearance. You can choose to go beautifully blonde or a fiery red, or even try out a burst of pink. There’s also the choice between highlights, half a head of streaks or a full colour transformation. Before you choose, here are some key factors to consider.

  • Before You Dye Your Hair

Everyone has a different natural hair colour, so any colour you choose to dye it with will look different on different heads of hair. This is the main reason you hear so many disastrous stories of people choosing a hair colour and attempting to do it themselves at home. We’ll cut to the chase – this is a terrible idea. Using products that promise to deliver a certain colour can prove to be a big disappointment as you might need to strip your hair of its original hair colour before you add a new one.

It’s why you need to work with the experts who’ve been trained on how to correctly match hair colour. And it’s not only about the colour – it’s about texture too. We’re talking about bounce and volume – or the lack thereof. And then there’s also how it complements your eye colour and you skin tone – or doesn’t.

  • That’s quite a lot to consider, isn’t it?

Better to go with a one-on-one consultation when you’re considering colouring your hair. At Belcastro Hair, we only colour hair with products that we believe in and have tried and tested ourselves. We wear them on our heads with pride too!

Rather come to us first before you have a hair-raising experience that damages your beautiful mane. You deserve to flaunt your chosen hair colour in style and to experience the best possible colour outcome. Give us a call today for a personalised consultation.

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