What Is The Difference Between Ombré, Sombre, And Balayage

It seems that with every year that passes, a new and more complicated hair colouring trend sweeps the nation by storm. Ombré hair had its moment in the sun, before being overtaken by Balayage and recently salons have been inundated with requests for Sombre hair colour. How does one differ from the other? Keep reading to find out what to expect from each.


Ombré hair is hair that’s darker at the roots and lighter at the tips. It can be done on your existing hair when you transition to a lighter but still natural looking shade. Most people who pick this look do so as it’s striking and makes a statement. It can take hours to create in the salon and if your natural hair colour is dark you can expect it to be bleached for desired effect. On the plus side it’s easy to grow out as you won’t be dealing with obviously contrasting roots, as the darker shade has been blended into the lighter instead of vice versa.


For some, Ombré is too obvious a transition from their natural colour or perhaps the idea of spending hours bleaching one’s hair doesn’t appeal. In cases like this, Sombre is the perfect solution. It involves a much less obvious colour contrast between shades when you compare the roots and the tips. It’s great for those who want to keep their original hair colour or who have fine or damaged hair that won’t withstand heavy bleaching. It also adds dimension for natural looking volume and is popular amongst those who like their current hair colour but want to update it.


Whereas Ombré and Sombre hair involve two core shades, Balayage involves applications of highlighter in a sweeping fashion all over the hair, without a transition point or seams. The colours chosen to highlight the hair will be more complimentary than contrasting, and its popular to choose warm, golden and honey toned hues, with colour applied messily and in chunks for an effortless look.

Not sure which one to choose? It will depend on your hair colour, texture and lifestyle. Book an appointment at Belcastro Hair to get started.

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