Salon perfect hair is a Belcastro Blow Dry away

We all know the feeling when you walk out of your favourite salon and your hair looks and feels like a million dollars. This feeling is great, but we expect it to fade away as soon as we get home and get back to our hectic schedules. Between traffic, work and family commitments it’s just not possible to sit down and give your hair the attention is deserves. Before you reach for a hat to cover it up, remember that a Belcastro Hair Blow Dry is always just a phone call away. Who says you can’t have salon perfect hair every day? Book your appointment in Northmead, Winston Hills, Castle Hill or Hills District.


When you have your hair professionally blow dried by expert stylists using professional machines, tools and products, you slash your blow-drying time in half, without compromising on results. No more wondering if you’ve correctly set the back of your hair or used too much or too little product to get results. In as short as a lunch break you can keep your hair looking great, and the pricing is more than reasonable. It doesn’t matter whether you’d like your hair straightened or want a few strategic waves added in – we can do it all. We’ve dealt with every texture and length of hair under the sun and have the skills to address every possible hair concern.


You won’t find a more relaxing environment than at our blow dry salon. All you need to do is book your appointment and show up at the correct time and we’ll do the rest. Sit back and let us transform your hair into the look of your choosing. We offer express blow waves for those in a hurry as well as chic updos for a more professional look. You can choose a glossy blowout for shine as well as one for adding all over volume and bounce. Then there’s the option to choose perfectly tousled, beachy waves or defined, effortless looking curls.


As part of the Belcastro Blow Dry service, we’ll give you advice on maintaining your do between appointments. Should you be going away on holiday or unable to make an appointment soon, we’ll arm you with the products and tools you’ll need to keep things in check until you can return.

Ready to enjoy a good hair day…everyday? Then book your appointment in Northmead, Blowdry Winston Hills, Blowdry Castle Hill or Hills District.